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Com/topic/868348-plains-of-eidolon-hotfix-2211/. А также - перемены в Гаре и Вольте! Улучшенная версия: Это оружие было доступно для приобретения только в течение празднования ОБТ (ЗБТ патч 6. Примерно месяц назад PC-версия кооперативного шутера ​Warframe​ получила крупный патч под названием «Chains of Harrow».

Fixed Nova’s Antimatter Absorb Augment Mod not being affected by power range Mods. Fixed Excalibur’s Prisma skin showing excessive bloom when customized with lighter colors. Fixed floor buttons in the Law of Retribution Trial not changing the blue when stepped on. Fixed Volt’s Electric Shield giving every ranged projectile a 70m default range.

(PC) Новости обновлений

Important note: we will be revisiting the design to allow for interesting range interactions with Volt's Shield and guns ASAP. Fixed players being able to equip the same weapon Mod on both a Warframe and a Sentinel. Fixed various localization issues. Fixed the Ninkondi staying in-hand after a finisher has been used. Fixed the incorrect finisher animation being used by the Ninkondi. Fixed some weapons that expand on use not properly collapsing when use is finished (Glaive, Orthos, etc).

Fixed the Prisma Tetra being absent from the Codex. Fixed building the Nami Skyla rewarding players with the Ninkondi instead. Fixed players being able to transmute Legendary Fusion Cores. Ninkondi nunchucks available now! Bring down the enemy with lightning fast strikes with the Ninkondi. Equip yourself with these electrified nunchucks and pay respect to the old ways. Add the Ninkondi to your Arsenal by purchasing the Blueprint from the Market today! Improvements have been made to the in-game VOIP service, making the quality of in-game voice chat much higher.

Atlantis Vulcan (Nunchaku): Rapid strikes, deceptive movements. Overview (Rifle Mod) - Increases Field of View while Gliding. Air Recon (Pistol Mod) - Increases Field of View while Gliding.

Warframe Обзор Обновления 19

Broad Eye (Shotgun Mod) - Increases Field of View while Gliding. Reduced the damage radius of the Penta series in PvP. Adjusted the Vulklok’s sell price to match other Sentinel weapons. Replaced Grineer Regulators with Scorpions on Phobos Missions. Players will now only need to complete three Missions for a single faction to qualify for battlepay on Invasions. Please note if you are in the middle of an Invasion, your original pre-update requirements apply until the hotfix is over. Fixed some inappropriate audio FX for bullets impacting with “flesh”.

Fixed some issues that prevented enemies from properly aiming and shooting.

В Warframe намечается режим файтинга

Fixed an error that would occur when editing items in the inventory. Fixed the Diriga and Vulklok missing from the Codex.

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Fixed missing weapon trails from projectiles created by the Akbolto, Prime Boltor, Telos Boltor, Telos Akbolto, and Twin Gremlins. Fixed bolt weapons not using the correct energy color for the bolt’s trail. Fixed Loki and Ash being unable to damage themselves with explosive weapons while invisible. Fixed the Heartseeker Mod not properly interacting with the Martial Magnetism Mod.

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Fixed the Heartseeker Mod not functioning properly with ‘offhand’ attacks. Fixed the Rakta Cernos not properly playing its draw charge audio FX. Fixed Derelict Sabotage Missions inappropriately giving players cache rewards regardless if players have discovered caches. Fixed muzzle flashes on the Akbolto using the wrong energy color. Fixed the Vulklok not properly receiving adjustments to magazine size, fire-rate and reload time via Mods.

(PC) Новости обновлений

Fixed the ‘default’ feature in the Options Menu not resetting the ‘Allow Invites’ and ‘Region’ settings back to default. Fixed various localization issues. Players that did not properly receive a weapon slot alongside their Gorgon Wraith may have experienced some issues when purchasing weapon slots since then. This hotfix will properly fix this issue, and reward each account affected by this problem with a weapon slot on next login. Made further improvements to hitches during loadout changes mid-match.

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Reduced the damage of the Penta series in PvP. Decreased the recovery time of targets hit by Oberon’s Reckoning in PvP. Increased the damage of Zephyr’s Dive Bomb in PvP. Slightly adjusted the visual FX on the Synoid Simulor’s vortexes. Reduced the Arid and Frontier Butcher’s armor from 300 to 5. Fixed the Proto Excalibur Helmet not being able to take Arcane enhancements.

Fixed some inconsistent audio volumes in Teshin’s VO. Fixed players being able to die during the ‘choice’ phase of a Defense Mission. Fixed purchased Prisma items not showing up in the Void Trader’s Market as purchased. Fixed Opticor beams not showing the proper energy color. Diriga - The Diriga shocks nearby enemies, and picks off distant threats, utilizing the Vulklok sniper rifle and the ‘Calculated Shot’, ‘Arc Coil’ and ‘Electro Pulse’ precepts. New Primary weapons have been added to each Syndicate and are purchasable with 125,000 Standing at each Syndicate's Maximum Rank.

Each of these weapons can trigger unique Syndicate effects appropriate to their Syndicate, and boast unique visual skins compared to their normal counterpart. These weapons can be traded as long as they are unranked and unused. Steel Meridian: - Forged in the fires of rebel struggle, this shotgun is a force for liberation. Arbiters of Hexis: - Bring down judgement, with this Boltor crafted by the Arbiters of Hexis.

Cephalon Suda: - Cephalon Suda’s custom issue Simulor was built to satisfy her curiosity.

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Perrin Sequence: - Ruthless and efficient, just like the free-market. Red Veil: - A finely tuned instrument of assassination. New Loka: - Echo nature's violent beauty with this special Tigris. Made some improvements to hitches or disconnects occurring for players when switching Loadouts mid-match. Expect additional fixes to this issue in the near future. Heartseeker (Daggers only): Lock onto targets at close range with a melee weapon, but reduces blocking effectiveness. The Ceramic Dagger, Dark Dagger, Heat Dagger, Karyst and Sheev can now be used in PvP.

The Penta, Hek, and Cernos can now be used in PvP. Energy orbs will now start to appear 2 minutes after the start of a match. Reduced the damage of Frost’s Freeze in PvP. Reduced the damage of Frost’s Avalanche in PvP. Fixed Teshin’s VO not properly playing mid-match.

Warframe: Обновление 1910

A message will now display when players are trying to claim an item from the Foundry without sufficient inventory slots. Mirage’s clones produced from Hall of Mirrors will now display a smaller explosion when using the Concealed Explosives Mod to help improve performance. T1D Rotation A: Forma BP for T2MD Key. T3D Rotation B: Forma BP for Uncommon Fusion Core 5 Pack. T4D Rotation B: Forma BP for Prime Carrier Systems. T4D Rotation C: Forma BP for Hikou Pouch.

T3S Rotation C: Forma BP for Prime Carrier BP. T4S Rotation A: Rare Fusion Core 5 Pack for Uncommon Fusion Core 5 Pack. T4S Rotation B: Forma Blueprint for Rare Fusion Core 5 Pack. Increased the number of Fusion Core stacks in Derelict Defense Tier B to triple stacks. Fixed an issue causing MK1-Bratons to appear in player equipment profiles. Fixed Drekar Heavy Gunners not having the proper drop rates for Heavy Gunner enemies. Fixed Drekar Heavy Gunners dropping Orokin Cells. Fixed an improper visual effect on Mag’s Shield Polarize. Fixed Quanta and Quanta Vandal projectiles not exploding when shot by a Client.

Fixed Nyx’s Absorb not shielding Sentinels from AoE damage occurring from within the Absorb bubble.

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Fixed a rare deadlock that would occur when moving in Archwing Missions. Fixed AoE damage counting towards earning a ‘headshot’. Fixed an error allowing colors in the Arsenal color customization to be used on weapons when not properly selected. Fixed Loki’s Switch Teleport being able to pull players in Archwing out of water. Fixed certain waypoint markers not disappearing after the enemy has been defeated (such as Void Vor, Oculysts and Synthesis targets). Fixed player waypoints created on bleedout not being removed after the player has been revived.

Fixed the notification for purchasing weapon slots reading that players will receive 1 slot for 12 Platinum instead of properly readon 2 slots for 12 Platinum. Fixed an issue causing Clients to get disconnected and then host migrated away from a Mission. Fixed an area where players can get stuck in the wall in the opening Tutorial Mission. Fixed the screen shake effects on Happy Zephyr not matching Zephyr’s jumps. Fixed a permanent motion blur effect that would occur after the second room in Wyrmius. Fixed various localization issues.

Added Mutalist Alad V Coordinates to Rotation B of ODS. Tweaked the code so that it is more aggressive at spawning enemies near the players.

(PC) Новости обновлений

Continued to tune personal life support drop rates. Tweaked enemy-specifications for Tower Survival missions.

Please note that before this round of spawning changes 20 minutes of T3 Survival averaged 54 kills/minute. After this round of spawning changes 20 minutes of T3 Survival averaged 68 kills/minute. Tweaked the minimaps movement range to increase the perceptibility of near-by enemies. The border on enemy markers will now shrink and grow to display how close each enemy is in correlation with your Warframe. Changed ally markers to also grow and shrink in the same fashion as enemy markers.

Fixed lingering issues related to Weapon Inventory slots if users ran the Gorgon Wraith Alert. Fixed not being able to open the chat window in the Liset.

Fixed an issue where two MK1-Bratons appear in player equipment profiles. Fixed an issue with hitches on login related to having different loadouts equipped on last logoff vs. Fixed the End of Mission screen showing the wrong rank for gear when back on your Liset. Fixed ABCD text misalignment of Interception towers on the HUD.